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8 10 2009
Meeting old friends in Cancun A few years ago, I was on my way to run the Amsterdam Dam-to-Dam run. Ivana was joining me to the start when we saw two biketravellers pass by; loaded bikes, with a Mexican flag on the back. While I went to run, Ivana caught up with the cyclists and asked if they needed a place to sleep. It turned out that they did and as there were problems with their ticket, the couple stayed 2 nights at our place, our first experience as a WarmShowers host.
James Bowthorpe will try to beat the record on his round-the-world bicycle trip. The record time for cycling around the world is 194 days 17 hours set by Mark Beaumont early last year. Now British cyclist James Bowthorpe is aiming for 150 days, with a goal of raising funds and awareness for a Parkinson’s disease charity. The […]
Ok, you have made the selection and chose your 2-3 shirts for the road. But why those ones? Because they make you look cool/young/sexy or all of the above? Because they are (not) cotton and lightweight? As a BikeTraveller you need to combine functionality as much as possible, so you can minimize the stuff you are […]
New server for
As the BikeTravellers website was too slow and service was disrupted, we have decided to upgrade to an even bigger server, with better connection. *** edit *** We have upgraded and moved without any problems. All blogs work much faster now and all problems are gone. If you haven’t done so now, sign up for a new […]
How do you use your new blog?
All BikeTravellers are powered by the Open Source WordPress system, but we have already done the installation for you! WordPress is packed with many amazing features. So now that you’ve got it installed, what should you do? These are the instructions as also to be found on the WordPress site (all links will lead you […]



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