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8 10 2009
Freshness Delivered: Team
team Newark – Tour 09 Cycling: individual sport, right? Just one girl or guy on one bike. WRONG . Sorry to have to school you like that. Even sorrier that we had to put words in your mouths to do it. But we’re proving an important point. Cyclists work in teams: strategizing, drafting, supporting, helping each other into one another’s bike shorts (you try pulling those things on). It’s a lot like creative agencies. This morning we received packages of postcards and posters that we produced for Team Newark .

Phenomenal Women

(Editor’s Note:  Pretty Tough Team member Heidi Johnson-Fry is a champion duathlete from Montana. This is her account of the recent World Duathlon Championships ). Phenomenal women everywhere! I just returned from the World Duathlon Championships, in North Carolina, thinking just that. The weekend was an amazing experience. Women, of all ages and from all over the world, worked incredibly hard to get there and we all shared a similar passion.
I am a female of 41yrs. I’ve been exercising regularly for the last 10 yrs for at least one hour a day , 6 days a week. I vary my workouts with diferent routines like brisk walking, aerobics, cycling on a stationary bike, or stair climbing apart from floor exercises. I also walk distances as far as possible and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Initially, I lost weight fabulously and maintained it well too. But in the last 2 years, instead of getting fitter, I only seem to have become a body of fatigue, aches and pains.
September’s trial was to listen to intuition. I took this trial lightly, non the less it was a nice trial. One of the side effects was that I could communicate better with animals. Once while cycling in a countryside I stopped for a break and was undecided between coming back or going forward, then I saw a horse from a long distance and he “told me” to go ASAP. I listened and it turned out to be a good decision. I had some challenges with dogs too. Related Reading:

Tragic news for Chad

There was some sad news this week as it was reported that comeback cyclist Chad Gerlach has relapsed into addiction and has recently been seen panhandling on the streets of Sacramento. For the full story, go to



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