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12 10 2009
Washington state bicycle advocates are pushing for a law to make it illegal for a motorist to seriously injure or kill a vulnerable roadway user — such as a bike rider — in a crash caused by ordinary negligence. All too often, motorists receive mere traffic tickets and don’t even have to appear in court when their inattentive driving results in a bicyclist’s or pedestrian’s death. The Cascade Bicycle Club, among others, is sponsoring a Traffic Justice Summit from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The source of this justice problem is our social acceptance of inattentive driving . — Keri Caffrey. Go read the entire thing right now . Resources and information: U.S. Legal Definitions Mid-America Regional Council Online Lawyer Source National Motorists Association Something to ponder: There are approximately 40,000 traffic deaths per year. A typical, fully-loaded Boeing 747 holds 416 people. Imagine two of these crashing each week for an entire year.



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