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13 10 2009
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More Mark Junge wants to prove that he can go on bike tours too, even though he’s a daily supplemental oxygen user. Junge, a retired historian, photographer and writer from Wyoming, is leaving New York City this week for a 816-mile bike tour to Charleston, South Carolina. He expects the […]read the entire article
Some Useful Bike Touring
Anyone that is into bike touring should know that there are some useful tips that they deserve to be conscious of.  The more that you know before you set off to do any cycle touring, the better off you are going to be without a doubt, and it’s important that you know this.   There are certain tricks and tips for a Bike Tour that are truly going to be beneficial for you to be aware of, and which are going to ensure that you have the most success here.