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27 10 2009
Big Box
Human behavior can be understood as making choices that weigh costs against benefits before taking action, according to the rational choice theorists . I don’t buy it because our choices are always complexly situated. But this theory can be an amusing lens on bicyclist behavior. For example: I rode my bicycle to the local big-box hardware store on Saturday to by a pair of cabinet hinges for $2.97. Driving a car would have added extra costs beyond the value of the hinges.
The Tour de France is the world’s grandest bicycle race in the world, spanning more than 2,200 miles of French countryside. Professional cyclists around the world consider travel to France to take part in the race as their biggest stage in their cycling careers. It is the one cycling event where media outlets deliver the event to millions of watching cycling fans. The Tour de France lasts for twenty-three days. Each stage of the race features picturesque French towns that represent the beauty of the countryside.



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