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29 10 2009
Cycling out of
Saturday brought an early start and finally the chance to get on the road. After a week of meetings and organising we decided to get our fill of culture and cycled off to the Swayamohunatha Stupa. Our first stop before heading into the mountains for a shake out ride.Amanda and the bikes at the StupaThe noise and bustle of the city waking up, the stench of rotting garbage, and the smell of the funeral fires as we crossed the river welcomed us to Kathmandu proper and the beginning of what was to be an eventful day.
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More National parks might seem like natural destinations for family car trips or RV excursions, but they also have many factors that make them ideal for bicycle travel. The park scenery — be it desert sands, forests, or challenging mountains — can be enjoyed better from a bicycle saddle than […]read the entire article
Well, Bob and I got off eventually. After a pleasant train journey to Malvern I popped off down to see Bob and Rose and to make the most important choice of the weekend — where to go. The two of us were as indecisive as ever but eventually we decided that we were in a seaside kind of a mind. We parked the car at Goodwick which was once a picturesque little village but which these days is just above the ferry terminal at Fishguard. After a quick coffee in the Beaches café (there are no beaches here) we shot off along the Pembrokeshire path.
Listen Here = We met the guys from the  Kansas Cyclist Podcast through a Twitter post Cindie made while riding across Kansas.  We conducted the interview while in Omaha getting ready for RAGBRAI.  The original PodCast file was longer but I edited the file (above) down to just the part with our interview.
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More Spring might seem to be the best time to dial in the fit of your bicycle, but some riders may notice that necks and backs begin to pinch a little during long summer bike rides. For me, it’s a sore knee brought on by too many uphill miles […]read the entire article
Bicycle Touring Pro reader, Thomas Hickenbottom, recently sent me the following email: Darren, There’s the debate going on about whether to use 26? wheels/tires or 700c…whats your take on this …also what about clinchers versus disc brakes…thank you for your consideration….I’m going to have a touring bike built soon and would love to have your input on these two very important considerations…thank you for your time and watch out for cars!!! Thomas Hickenbottom First of all, I don’t know if there is any reason to debate wheel sizes.
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More The Centers for Disease Control issued 24 recommendations last week that communities could employ to beat one of the nation’s biggest health crises — obesity. In one instance in the report, the CDC suggested that communities build bike lanes and shared paths to encourage folks to get out on […]read the entire article
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More New York City curbed one of the biggest obstacles to riding a bicycle to work — finding a secure place to park your ride. The Bicycle Access Bill passed by the City Council on Wednesday requires that building owners provide access to freight elevators for bicycle commuters so […]read the entire article
Jan Heine is well known in randonneuring circles. I can absolutely say that it is largely due to his magazine, Bicycle Quarterly , that I am a randonneur, albeit a beginner, today. In addition to the Quarterly , Jan also wrote the text for The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles . The beautiful photography is by Jean-Pierre Praderes. Jan’s latest, The Competition Bicycle, also features the photography of Jean-Pierre Praderes. The Seattle Times recently ran a story about Jan that you can find here .
Syndicated from Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More Universal Sports, the network that brought us live streaming of the Giro d’Italia, is following up with live online and delayed broadcasts of the 2009 Vuelta a Espana which rolls out from August 29 to September 20. All 21 stages will be shown live at every morning, […]read the entire article



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