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30 10 2009
OK, I am still seeking sponsorship–seriously, consider me your two wheeled ambassador of good will & adventure. I am going to work out my initial strategy and plan to target U.S. bike makers–have one you would like to see sponsor me, let me know by leaving a comment below. Facebook folks you can follow and comment on . I have been doing some more reading on the organizing company’s (Tour D’Afrique, LTD) site and have learned they have several tours they organize and they have thought about the time and money issue a bit–each tour can be done as a whole or in stages.
A recent Jeff Outhit column in the Waterloo Region Record suggests that the designated bike lane may have dropped off the radar of Waterloo Region transportation planners and politicians. According to Outhit, regional council recently approved a revision to its cycling facility construction standards to encourage the addition of extra pavement in certain areas, but not dedicated bicycle lanes. The logic was that it is easier to add 65 centimetres of extra asphalt at the curb, than to add the 1.5 metres of space needed for a full bike lane.
Click here for video of the first annual Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open held on Saturday July 18. The First Annual Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open in Denver had a great turnout! The 13 team double elimination tournament included teams from Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Como, Phoenix, Austin TX, and Joker from LA. BikeDenver was the local bicycle advocacy sponsor. Standings for first place through 13th place: 1st Place: PBP (Phoenix) MiniMike, The Mailman, NOD – Undefeated until the finals.
The Green Mobility Network is an organization dedicated to making Miami-Dade County a better place to walk and bike in. According to a recent press release: The Alliance for Biking & Walking has awarded a $30,000 matching grant to Miami-based Green Mobility Network . The grant was made possible by Planet Bike and is the first in a series of special grassroots bicycle advocacy grants to be given by Planet Bike in 2009. Visit for more info.
As if the streets are dangerous enough, some nitbrain in Seattle apparently has decided it’s great sport to shoot blowgun darts at bicyclists. Two people riding their bicycles in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard reported to police that they were hit by 4-inch darts fired from a blowgun on Monday. Police are investigating the separate attacks against a 29-year-old man and a 39-year-woman as aggravated assaults. One victim, Avram Dolen, told the Seattle Times …..
I Hate
OK, I have issues. Parking issues. I’ve had them as long as I’ve had a driver’s license. Basically it’s this: I need to know where I’m going to park before I ever start the car. And if I don’t know, well, then I’m not a happy camper. And if I get to my destination and find that I have to hunt for parking, well, them I morph into really-pissed-off camper. I do manage to keep all of this to myself. If riding with me you would only notice an expression of anxiety on my face.
Here’s what S. Kimbrough Ave. between Sunshine and downtown looks like now. The road has been re-striped so that it is now three lanes. This is an excellent development for bicyclists. Three-lane roads are very pleasant routes — especially with a 30 mph speed limit. Proper lane positioning here is from the right tire track to the center of lane. The lanes are narrow, so it is proper for bicyclists to take the lane. Cars can easily pass using the all or part of the center lane.
After denying a permit to a charity bicycle ride, commissioners in a Denver metro area county say they’ll ask the state legislature to grant counties the power to ban bicycles from county roads of their choice. The Bicycle Colorado advocacy group says this must not be allowed to happen. “If such legislation were to pass, county roads anywhere in the state could be closed to bicyclists, including critical cycling routes like Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Swan Mountain Road in Summit
Greetings From
Well kids, CycleChic is in Vegas for the week. In my personal opinion, the strip doesn’t seem any different to me than Times Square. I almost feel bad for being a New Yorker sometimes because it seems that New York kind of spoils all other places for me in so many ways. But I digress. That is a posting for one of my other blogs. However, can I tell you hot freakin’ HOT it is out here?!?! When we touched down on the plane, it was ten in the evening, we get our bags, step out for a cab and BANG…one hundred degrees at night !! Can you believe it? Then today, during the day I think I heard it was one hundred and six, give or take.
July 16th,
Planet Bike continues to be an industry leader in bicycle advocacy: Washington, D.C..- July 16, 2009 â??The Alliance for Biking and Walking has awarded a $30,000 matching grant to Miami-based Green Mobility Network. The grant was made possible by Planet Bike and is the first in a series of special grassroots bicycle advocacy grants to be given by Planet Bike in 2009.Green Mobility Network is a young non-profit with the mission to make Miami-Dade County a healthier, more livable community by promoting bicycling, running, and walking for daily transportation, leisure, and fitness.



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